Thank you for your help. The kitchen is both functional and beautiful, and we are really enjoying it.

Client in the Oakland Hills

Working with you was phenomenal.

Client in Napa County

I’ve worked with many designers over the years, but never before someone who really listens and takes in our specific taste. Your honesty, efficiency, and lovely personality make the whole experience a treat. Thank you!

Client in the Hollywood Hills

Thank you, Susan. You’re the best!

Client in Pasadena

Thanks for all your help. You made my house look like a dream.

Client in Los Feliz

Susan did an amazing job of running the project while we were abroad. Our contractor said that she was the best designer he had worked with, providing clear drawings and specific instructions so that they felt confident that—despite our absence—they were proceeding as we wished. She was efficient, diplomatic, straightforward, and stuck a perfect balance between getting on with it without worrying us at all, and then checking in with us when she thought an important decision needed to be made.

Client in the Hollywood Hills

Your understanding and dedication to your clients is apparent, and we greatly appreciate that.

Client in Berkeley

You have been absolutely fantastic to work with—stylish results, creative, responsive, and extremely organized.

Client in Marin County